Sunday, December 14, 2014

Update: Compost Toilet D-Day ("D" for deuce)

So this weekend, I used the instructions in The Humanure Handbook to build my own compost toilet prototype. The book calls it "the $25 toilet" but when I went to Lowe's, I walked out with a receipt that read about $70. I'm assuming their $25 price tag was due to access to reclaimed/recycled materials. The sheet of plywood I had to buy cost me more than $25. It took me most of the day to finish, but that includes my leisurely visit to Lowe's and several dance/sing breaks to a few select Motown jams on my "Gladys Knight" Pandora station.

Supplies are purchased

Tracing the hole in the lid
Hole didn't come out perfect but I don't work with a jig saw very often
Frame is ready
Feet added and base coat applied
Waiting for paint to dry is the WORST
Finishing touches
First stencil...ever. I'm no Banksy
Checking the fit
Aaron is skeptical
Freddy is at home...
...doing a little soul searching

My toilet is built but I'm a little bummed that I haven't broken her in yet. When I attached the legs, I made a mistake in my measurements and made them about 1/2 inch too short. That means that the bucket sticks out too much under the toilet seat. The toilet seat doesn't lay flat. Ordinarily, I would just remove the screws, adjust the leg positions and screw them again. However, the premium wood glue that I purchased and used is not playing along. So, I decided I would just add feet to the bottom of the legs that would raise the frame up the 1/2 inch I need. But since it was cold and drizzly outside on Sunday, it's gonna have to wait for a few days. Rain and power tools are not things that I like to mix.

There you have it. I am excited to start my experiment. I ran out of time and funds this weekend so I postponed building the frame for my compost pile until next weekend. Drew up the plans though. Planning to make it 4'x3'x3' made from 2x4s and chicken wire. I have read in some places that it should be larger but I will only be composting my own materials so I think that's enough space for a single man to fill up in a year. We have roaming dogs, wild hogs, coyotes, possums, raccoons, turkey vultures and lots of other animals that might be interested in digging through compost for a free meal so, I will be adding a lid to it too.

I am a meticulous planner and I'm very visual

Well, that's it for now. Any questions, comments or advice are welcome. Thanks for stoppin' by!

-Big Jerm

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